Advantages of Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

Squirrel proof bird feeders can offer a measure of prevention against damaging by rodents and various unwanted birds imposing on your back yard. They are usually very easy to come by and do not cost you a fortune to purchase.

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There are various brands of these feeders and you should check with the supplier in your area which squirrel proof bird feeders will be best suited to the needs of your back yard inhabitants.

Amazon ImageYou will need to ensure these bird feeders only prevent various forms of rodents acquiring the food stored inside of them, as you wouldn’t want to prevent the various bird species you wish to invite into your garden not to be able to eat food specifically for them.

A popular brand of squirrel proof feeders is called the Yankee Squirrel Feeder (see it here). It is sold through out America and enjoys a large amount of success due to its effectiveness in the bird housing community.

Squirrels find it intensely difficult to acquire the food held inside these feeders. Other popular forms of feeders include humming bird feeders as well as window bird feeders.

in the picture:Heath Outdoor 21216 Brass Squirrel Proof Nut and Seed Bird Feeder, Metal Pewter-Black

The UK bird is extremely wary of squirrels and they will not want to go near an area which is inhabited by squirrels, this can also be said about the spinner bird. It is best to suggest that you decide what kind of birds you would wish to house as in the end no matter how hard you try rodents will be attracted to the bird food you supply to the carious bird species in your area. But by using the right brand of squirrel proof bird feeders the chances of these rodents obtaining the bird food is considerably reduced.

Amazon ImageFeeders add value to your birdhouses, as they will ultimately attract more birds. Blue birds for instance love window feeders as they are usually not in confined spaces and are easily reachable. Humming birds love beautiful colored feeders, as they are attracted to bright colors.

What feeder you choose will most likely depend on the type of bird you wish to attract.

Keep on the lookout for sparrows though as they will eat whatever is in sight and will nest in whatever birdhouse is available whether or not that is your preference.

in the picture: Perky-Pet 114 Squirrel Stumper Wild Bird Feeder

A combination of feeders and beautiful designs can make a beautiful birdhouse any bird will be proud to nest in. It is also a rewarding feeling to see those hatchlings from the first time they open their eyes. It is your duty as the birdhouse constructor to ensure that there is food readily available when birds decide to nest in the houses that you have built. Not supplying them with the needed food supplement will result in possible fatalities as the mother will go off in search of food and more often than not leave her young behind to fend for themselves. Thereby exposing them to various predators.

Squirrel proof bird feeders can supply some form of prevention of that happening and will also leave you with content birds in your garden.

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